Mozaiq | Desert Oasis 2017

Mozaiq | The montage of reggae music that is moZaiq originated in October of 2013. moZaiq is Marc Diaz on vocals, Daniel Torres on lead/rhythm guitar, Noel Morin, Jr. on drums/vocals, Ryan Kerr on keys/vocals and Dub Wallace on bass and background vocals.

“The name moZaiq is a metaphor for this band. We are five individuals, who, like a mosaic, have been broken by life’s events and tragedies. We have bonded together for the common purpose of creating beautiful art through music. We feel so privileged and blessed to be able to perform music for people”.

“Our goal is to have an eclectic sound like no other. Our music is heavily influenced by roots reggae with an R&B flow with a jazz and hip hop infusion”.

“Reggae is ONE genre of music that not only speaks about the truth in ‘the struggle’, but it offers a solution in its message of revolution and global awakening through peace, love and unity of ALL people, ALL races, ALL religions, ALL nations. ONE LOVE …that’s what reggae means to us and that is what we, as a band, feel we are called to do; glorify God through our music. All while laying down a deep groove that people can feel and move to. We choose Reggae music over other genres because of the consciousness of the message and the unity it endeavors to create”.

“The Coachella Valley is our home, and knowing that we’re loved and respected here means more to us than anything. We are so proud when we play outside of the desert and yell to the crowd that we’re from the Coachella Valley. It’s the single reason we have it featured in our band logo with the silhouette of palm trees and wind mills, because no matter where we go, or how far this music takes us, we’re from the CV and we’ll NEVER forget where we came from. Without our people behind us, we can do nothing”.