The Las Vegas Valley – Home to the Largest Concentration of Live Casinos in the United States

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Taking a gander at the casino business at large, you’ll find that the Las Vegas Valley is the home of the largest concentration of casino casinos in the United States. There are also a number of legalized gambling casinos scattered across the state. Interestingly, there are more casinos than there are states. There are actually 40 states that have some form of casino gambling, though not all of them are licensed. Interestingly, the Las Vegas metro area also serves as the location for the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s seven market regions. It’s in this part of Nevada that you will find the aforementioned casino-heavy region, accompanied by the likes of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and the Boulder City area. A small but growing segment of the gambling industry has made its way into the suburbs. In particular, the city of Reno has seen an increase in casinos since the opening of the Las Vegas Valley, with a number of new establishments opening up in recent years. This trend is a good thing for the area’s tourism industry, which is currently ranked the second largest in the country.